maybe their pants are twins too
  1. Drawing 35 projects

    Emily carr letters have gone out and I swear it’s like waiting for Hogwarts to get in touch. So in the meantime I’m like obsessively reminding myself that I can…yknow…draw good.

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  2. I’m pretty sure I broke the visual analysis corner of my brain oh my god.

    Man was not designed to spend an entire day doing intense observational drawings

  3. I’m so behind omg why

  4. Horse skulls are dumb and hard to draw

    [I’ve been informed this is a cow skull. Still dumb]

  5. They had to turn the plane off and then on again. What IT genius came up with that we can only wonder.


  6. I lied about the queue. The wifi network is reasonably consistent but everything I love is banned by the government and tumblr is only accessible sporadically.
    So I surrender I’ll blog when I get home.
    See y’all on the flipside.


  7. 15 hours was guessing a bit high. Flight only took 12 but this is the first reliable wifi I’ve had in China. Imma set up a queue now.

  8. Vancouver Disconnect - Feb 23

    I’m on the plane over now, so radio silence for the next 15 hrs.
  9. Look at that beautiful view! Gosh dang I was genuinely optimistic for a bit.
    But no, the plane was so behind schedule we missed our flight to Shanghai on a weird technicality and now we’re in Vancouver for the next 22hrs.

  10. …and we’re off to a great start!
    Only half an hour late!

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